Enriching the tradition with new discoveries.

Our kitchen is a place of magic. A place where everyday ingredients give life to an entirely new dish, where flavours intertwine to create an unprecedented harmony, and the chef's ideas transform into palatable delights. We preserve traditional local dishes but enhance, prepare, and present them with a fresh twist and pair them with a meticulously selected list of local Istrian wines. So who knows: you might just rediscover flavours you have loved as a child come to life in surprising combinations.


»Our ingredients haven't clocked a lot of mileage.«

All our dishes and ingredients hail from the picturesque Istrian countryside because we are fully committed to locally sourced quality and fresh produce. Our cuisine respects the rolling of the seasons and cherishes the genuine flavours that nature offers throughout the year. We whisk, stir, and simmer with dedication and love – as if we were doing it for ourselves, our loved ones, our closest friends.

»The right taste for every moment in the day.«

As our guest, you will be spoilt for choice with rich breakfasts featuring homemade products and seasonal fruit. If you're feeling peckish, you can discover our snacks called spuntini in Istria, which provide a few mouthfuls of pleasure to go with a drink. Our chef's imagination will also delight you with our superb seasonal tasting menus. We will turn your moments into memories with unforgettable lunches and dinners – whether you're in the company of business partners or your loved ones. 

»Istria: where the Mediterranean fondles the skies.«

Istria is renowned for its excellent food, combining coastal and continental cuisine. Pljukanci, bigole, kroštola, frituli and spuntini are just some local dishes that will enrich your flavour vocabulary. Although the Istrian peninsula is shared by three countries, our chef claims that Istria knows no borders. That's why he combines ingredients from the Slovenian part of Istria with fish, molluscs and prosciutto from Croatian Istria and aromatic grappas from Italy, thus taking your taste buds on an unforgettable journey through the authentic tastes of the whole region.

»Turning moments into memories.« 

Here, every meal is a memorable experience. We believe that the best way to counter the everyday hustle and bustle is by enjoying a relaxed atmosphere in good company. Our terrace is the place to do just that, offering breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea with the Alps scattered in the background. So, enjoy! All you need is a spuntini in one hand and a glass of your favourite drink in the other.

Planning something more significant, like an anniversary, a birthday, or uttering the eternal I do to your loved one? Then, you're in the right place, as our venue can accommodate and cater for up to 100 guests.

 Opening hours:  
Monday - Sunday    8:00 - 22:00





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